Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pictures tell the story

Arizona spring is here ! 
For reference: http://www.dreamchaserpmu.org/ This where Susan is coaching me to train the donkeys in Arizona
Only 20 days and I'll be on the trail! I'm starting to find the time short ... but looking forward to getting on the trail.
Ordered my GPS for the Trail ... hope I learn how to use it
Should receive my solar panel & energy storage system ... this week
Have so much to do that days seem quite short. The desert here is blooming, I long to be immersed in the wonders of this country's natural marvels.
Fitting packsaddle, Daisy is patient ...

The reward, grazing new grass on a hike

First time we try hobbles

Learning to walk the trails, this is the first steep hill ... lots to learn

From our refuge to our new life

First look at my two friends ... to be

Hello Jimmy, I'm your new leader

Sometimes you have to be VERY patient to convince Daisy to walk up a hill ...

Measuring the Packsaddle size

Jimmy is patient while I try to figure out his size

First walks

Heart to heart talk, Daisy is listening

The man who gave me Daisy & Jimmy ... a God sent

With blod on my hands ... the pack saddles are becoming a reality
The HEROs team loading Jimmy & Daisy

Nathalie is behind the scene ... she found Dreamchaser for me

Jimmy being patient with me

Listening to country music at the RoadRunner café

We are the best, don't be so shy Daisy!

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  1. What a wonderful description of Jimmy and Daisy, and the crazy Frenchman! We miss you Pascal, Jimmy, and Daisy, and are thrilled to hear of your adventures every day. Great job!