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The stems of this Cholla break loose very easily (it is also called jumping cholla). This cactus is famous for the way their spines get then stuck in the skin of the their victim. 
On road 66 a nice café, curio shop the Rusty Bolt
Returned from California but stopped at the trail head in Campo to see if I could camp there the day I'm dropped off with the Donkeys. Also checked the Morena lake meeting site of those hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT hence-forth). Mike at the ranger station was quite formal about not being able to bring animals on county park land, but then after I pointed out the PCT is an equestrian trail he suggested I camp on National Forest land outside the County Park but only 100 yards from the event. At present good grass and a quiet canyon seem to be a great place to camp. I'll get there a day ahead so as to insure I have settled in before the crowd arrives.

The trail head with it's monument was dreary. The wall of shame seperating the US from Mexico, just like the wall in Israel, reminds me that we treat our fellow men so shamefully. Why can we allow commercial transparency and not human transparency of our frontiers. I'm quite aware of the misery of the world invading our santuary of wealth, however we created much of the misery so why not take some responsibility?
Wealth wants to prey on humans to extract profits but refuses to assume the consequences. In the ideal world for wealth, we would have silent hard working people producing like the chinese for negligeable costs (they don't even take into account the labor costs of materials produced there). Why pay for health care, welfare, retirement …? even education reduces profits unless it is targeted for holding “useful” jobs.
People should do like us the rich and pay for any and all services since the basic services aren't even good enough to guarantee our well being. Can we deny that all these young people not working or the old folks are just costing us lots of money? They use the system to avoid having to work, but work is noble and even if you can't earn enough to live decently you should work as a matter of ethics. If I earn money thanks to “junk bonds” or skimming off the profits through fiscal paradises, well anyone can do it so why are the poor complaining? Small businesses (like in France) should pay 38% tax while large international corporations only pay 5 to 6% by displacing their profits. Banks and audit firms that are the real actors of the financial world cannot be held accountable for loopholes in legistlation and cannot be brought to bankupcy since the whole financial edifice would fall. So like it or not, the poor, uneducated, intellectually deficient, mentally unstable, old and especially foreigners need to be walled out of our society so we can be well, safe and amongst our wealthy selves.
If for as long as we can remember we encouraged childbirth (we still do!) we realize now that 80% of the people are rather useless for the rich (no longer a mass consumer society). This is the major confrontation in front of us that will condition the years 2050 … A good H2N1 flue killing off over 50% of the population would solve the problem … but the rich might be affected!
US - MEX "wall of shame", Ich bin ein Berliner said Kennedy, where have we gone wrong?
Please excuse the long argument, I just find so shamefull that we need to live in closed communities, that we eradicate walls on our frontiers, that we spend so much wealth and lives protecting ourselves from problems that we created initially by our behaviour and our egoistical management of ressources (example the Colorado river water).
I talked to a border guard about the memorial plaque where the PCT starts concerning the death of a border patrolman. We create situations where our young people and legal representatives get killed enforcing laws that oppress people. Who bears the responsibility? The killer or the ones that set the killer up? What about the lawmakers that cater to lobbies and vote laws and loopholes that put people in life endangering situations?
I am a proponent for working on issues by looking at the whole picture, like any project management expert, if you ignore the environment, the initial causes, the root issues … how can you propose solutions that will last? Makup never eliminated old age. The creases of life in the face of a man or woman can be beautiful on a person that lives in harmony.
Back at the DreamChaser Horse Rescue & Rehabilitation
There is an age for learning, experiencing, taking responsibility, and now it seems I'm entering the age of trying to use words to share awareness. Our leaders head us for disasters by ignoring root issues, I guess I try to lead to awareness. I remember being in a waiting line for an airplane and meeting a nice family with 2 young teen agers. We talked and shared about life experience and really enjoyed the meeting. Then for some reason the conversation turned to politics and I stated that Al Quaida was originally an organization that was financed by the CIA through Ben Laden to counter the Russians. The father just about beat me and told his family to no longer speak to me. I only stated what is a documented fact admitted by the CIA it'self. Interesting how some persons do not want to SEE, HEAR let alone let themselves THINK on their own.

Well I'm back to Dreamchaser and hopefully the donkeys will be available and we can go get them on monday.

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