Saturday, August 3, 2013

Red's Meadow to Echo lake pictures

Sorry, no words, just pictures ... they tell the story and I have no electricity to write

Meetings, encounters, memorable chile concarne at Bleu lake, ... lots of memories and more to come when  I take my winter break and produce a slide show ... for you

Please remember, without the support of Susan at Dreamchaser horse rescue ranch, who sent us medicine we could not do this journey. If you can, send a small tax deductible contribution to help her, and us ... if the 1000 following the blog would just send $10 it would help:

Boby, at Red's meadow I found full support and friendly welcome
Boby saved us by re-equipping us with Pack Saddles & blankets

Meeting a wonderful fisherman on the trail, yes a fisherman riding ...

Nathalie joined us for a week ... wonderful

An incredible chile-concarne ... with strangers becoming real FRIENDS

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  1. Glad to know that Natalie found you! Laurie and Bob (we met you at Ebbetts Pass)