Thursday, August 23, 2012

I have been contacting associations and working on the route. As I tell my friends about this journey, they come up with stories, share their concerns and even send me pictures.
As part of the preparation, we had a family diner with my daughter Agate, son Adrien and Veronique my wife where I explained to all the planned route for the journey and most important that I was not leaving them without resources and would remain available in case of emergencies. I am planning to be regularly several months a year in France and share the family life I have helped to create. I also explained that I had committed to creating a home environment to raise the kids and that now that they are adults, each one needed to take his path in life. Agate cried and said I was abandoning them. These are times where each one needs to grow and assume his own life's course. It is part of my way of relating to others, put them in situations where they cannot just depend on me while knowing that I'm present and will always be there for them. I'm willing to help, be there when needed, but not serve as a crutch for the handicap of looking at your own life straight in the face. We are both ALL TOGETHER and TOTALLY alone in life.
Another fear was that I would leave Veronique without resources so I explained to them that Veronique  was provided for and had her own resources to lead her life, another life than mine. It is difficult to explain that the family unit is not threatened while the life of each individual is taking different paths. Then came statements like "you might never come back" or " I don't see you coming back" ... to which I can only say that if it is possible, I'm not planning to die soon and that what I'm doing, if it seems 'adventurous', certainly is not more dangerous than crossing the street, it just is not a usual way of life within the social morays.
It is part of preparing such a journey to give time to those who are close to you to get used to the idea and progressively allow them to let go of their own fears. Individuals need different time frames to adjust to emotional, conceptual and physical changes in their environment. I'm sure that by the time I leave there will be several passages where emotions and fears will emerge and need soothing.

As for friends, I tell them to come and join me while on their vacations. It is a way to say that I am not leaving them, only living my life and inviting them to join this part of my life to pursue our friendship. They have to understand that friendship is also sharing experiences together.

When will you start thinking about joining the journey ???

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